Tourism and Hospitality

This program prepares students for a range of careers in tourism including leisure management, hospitality management, event management and destination management. It trains students to be versatile, operational managers at a middle management level and acts as a springboard for further studies characterized by its strong international dimension, fully preparing students to enter the world of work. In addition, throughout their studies students benefit from personalized guidance given by tourism industry professionals, all former graduates of this program.

We believe in learning by doing, we take our students to different tourist destinations in RWANDA and connect them to different attractions where students are fully involved in different tourism activities.


At least once a term, we take students for study trip.



We are making future "Tour Guides", "Travel Clerks", "Receptionist and Curio shop & Business center attendant"!

After only two years of training, the trainee should be able to:

Work with colleagues and customers, Provide first aid, Deal with conflict situations, communicate electronically, Advise on product and services, Update tourism industry knowledge. Operate an online information system, Interpret product, Provide reception services, Develop interpretive activities, Process financial transactions, Process reservations, Package tourism products, Work as a guide, Book suppliers services, Provide arrival and departure assistance.

 Curio shop & Business center attendant

     Sell tourism product and services, Prepare quotation, Process payment, Order and control stock, Establish and conduct business relationships

From Level3,  Level4 to Level5,  RUBAVU Technical College TVET (RTC) STUDENTS LEARN IN CLASS AND WITH TRIP VISIT