Road Construction

Certificate I  in Road Construction


Upon the completion of the 1st year doing Road Construction, the trainee will be able to:


Operate excavation machine, Operate compaction machine, Operate loading machine , Operate leveling machine, Operate compressor Machine, Operate bitumen sprayer machine, Operate  Concrete Mixer, Perform stone masonry, Construct Gabion Retaining Wall, Construct Honey combs retaining wall, Conduct field excavation works, Perform Carpentry form-work, Perform Steel frame works, Perform Technical drawing, Perform Jointing and Pointing, Perform Repair Potholes, Conduct Drainage System, Conduct field layers leveling, Describe Road Construction materials, Prepare manual Asphalt, Comply with Traffic Code, Carry out concrete works , Perform paves construction, Install Road Signs , Maintain and Use hand tools , Perform Road marking.