Electronic Services

After Only one year with us, the student doing “Electronic Services Level 3” is already an “ADVANCED OPERATOR” able to perform the following:

Phone repairer, Repair cell phone hardware  , Repair cell phone software, Repair digital and analogue phone systems, Electronic sound equipment repairer, Repair radio receiver , Repair TV receiver , Repair DVD player, Repair decoder  , Repair audio amplifier  , Repair audio/Video mixer  , Repair audio transducers , Repair synthesizer, Electronic office and network equipment repairer, Repair printer, Repair scanner, Repair copier, Repair bar codes scanner, Repair card reader, Repair network devices.


Additional to the skills gained throughout the 1st year (Level 4), we provide students with the following skills – here we are making a real “TECHNICIAN”

Apply basics of digital electronics, Repair handheld metal detector, Repair walk through metal detector, Repair X-ray luggage scanner, Install fire detector system, Repair fire detector system, Install door lock code system, Repair door lock code system, Repair office UPS, Install industrial UPS, Repair industrial UPS, Install CCTV camera system, Repair CCTV camera system.