Culinary Arts

Choosing the best schools for culinary arts can be the key to having a successful career in the culinary field. Students should do a lot of research before making the decision as to which of the top schools for culinary arts is perfect for them. You should consider certain factors when researching these schools, for example, do you want to specialize in a certain regional cuisine, or are you interested in a specific cooking style? Are you trying to focus on pastry and baking, or would you rather study culinary management…your options are endless in RUBAVU TECHNICAL COLLEGE TVET.


This school  was the first school to offer a certificate in the Culinary Arts in this region. RTC's Culinary Arts has an impressive reputation and is considered to be one of best schools for culinary arts in Rubavu. The school offers  programs in Culinary Arts. Also, International Student are welcome.

Culinary arts we offer the following courses:

  • Meat and meat products preparation like steak, brochette, Meat ball, beef carbonade, …
  • Poultry preparation like grilled chicken, Chicken fricassee,..
  • fish preparation like fish finger, Stir fried fish,…
  • Vegetables preparations like kinds of salads and soups (potages) preparations
  • Fruits based products preparation like juices and fruits salad,…
  • International cuisine (dishes) like tandoori chicken, shripms,..
  • Food storage and safety: this is how to handle and store food safely
  • Pastry and bakery products preparation including doughnuts, capati, pan cake, pizza, samosa,…
  • Pastas and starches preparation like spaghetti bolognaise, different preparation of potatoes and rice
  • Eggs dishes preparation like scrambled egg, special omelette,…


In addition to this we also offer food and beverages services like how to serve food and drinks in a professional way and housekeeping services including how to service guest rooms in a proper and professional manner

Foundation Certificate in Culinary Arts (Short Course from 3 to 6 months)

Graduates from this qualification will be able to: Apply personal and food hygiene, Maintain safety and secure work environment, Prepare mise en place, Apply cooking methods, Store  ingredients, Prepare fruits, Prepare hot and cold drinks, Prepare vegetables, Prepare egg dishes and cereals, Prepare salads, Prepare starches and pastas, Prepare stock, soups and sauces, Apply basic mathematics, Create and manage a small business.


In addition to the skills acquired from the previous levels, the student will upgrade her/his knowledge and skills allowing  them to be awarded Certificate II  after completing level 4.

Control Hygiene and food safety, Prepare Vegetable, Cook Pasta and starches, Prepare Sauces and soups, Select, prepare and Cook Meat, poultry and fish, Prepare Bakery and pastry products, Prepare Fruit based products, Prepare Sandwiches and wraps & Prepare Egg dishes.