Automotive Technology "Car Mechanics"

Motor vehicle mechanics is divided into three trade corresponding to the three levels


Level three : level three is called automotive engine technology in this trade learners have following specific module: Engine overhauling, Automotive Engine fuel  supply system repairing, Lubrication system repairing, Battery service, Engine system maintenance, wheel and tire repairing, Steering and brake system maintenance; Drive-train Maintenance, Air conditioning Maintenance and Exhaust system repairing.

All the above modules  concern the source of power in motor vehicle.


LEVEL FOUR: in level four there are two branches, first is Called AUTO-TRANSMISSION & CONTROL SYSTEMS

In this branch learners have to complete the following modules:

  • Clutch system repairing
  • Manual gearbox repairing
  • Automatic gearbox repairing
  • Final drive with differential repairing
  • Propeller shaft; driveshaft & joint repairing
  • Mechanical brake repairing
  • Hydraulic brake repairing


All the above modules concern to the flow of power from engine to the wheels


The second branch of level four is called: AUTO-ELECTRICITY AND ELECTRONIC SYSTEM

  • In this trade learners are have to cover the following modules:
  • Ignition system repairing; preheating system repairing
  • Lighting system repairing
  • Charging system repairing
  • Starting system repairing
  • Electrical and electronic vehicle accessories and electronic engine management repairing.

All the above modules concern to the vehicle electrical current systems 


LEVEL FIVE: This level also is divided into two branches.

The First branch is Level five Auto-Transmission and control systems in this level learners cover the the following modules:

  • Injection pump and injectors repairing
  • perform hydraulic system Maintenance
  • pneumatic system maintenance
  • hydraulic pump repairing
  • hydraulic valve repairing
  • hydraulic actuator repairing and
  • compressed air brake system repairing.

In fact the all of these modules covered in level five Auto-Transmission concern to the gross weight vehicles, bus and catches, tractors, and and one part of industry ( Hydraulic and pneumatic systems)


The successful completion of These modules  in Autos transmission and control systems is competent to work not only in the vehicles departments but  may also work in industries as machines operator or machines maintainer.


The second branch of level five is level five Auto-electricity and electronic system, this level covers the following modules:

  • Repair hydraulic valves
  • Maintain pneumatic system
  • Repair compressed –air brake system
  • Repair hydraulic actuators
  • Repair hydraulic pump
  • Maintain hydraulic system
  • Repair injection pumps and injectors







All of these modules concern to the vehicle system which are controlled electronically.

As conclusion, motor vehicle mechanics is a nice trade for your future as a mechanic and machine Operator.


for Level3,  Level4 and Level5 

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