We are currently providing Level 3 and Level 4 for telecommunication students. Below are modules provided to the trainees (30% theoretical and 70% practical lessons).

Telecommunication Level 3


Apply Basics of Electronics, Install Domestic electrical circuit, Apply Telecommunication Fundamentals, Install physical telecom equipment on tower, Maintain telecom equipment on tower, Install equipment of radio broadcasting station, Maintain equipment of radio broadcasting station, Operate radio broadcasting equipment, Install optic fiber cables, Maintain optic fiber network, Assemble and install reception antennas and signal distribution equipment




Telecommunication Level 4



Conduct installation planning, Install equipment of TV broadcasting,  Install studio lighting system, Operate studio lighting system, Maintain TV studio equipment, Install radio cabinet , Install battery backup system, Install RF antenna system, Install microwave antenna system, Operate audio and video mixer, Operate TV camera system, Edit video signals