Held   A2 in Teaching Maths and Sciences ( TMS ) from TTC/GACUBA II / Rubavu District /W .Province/  in Rwanda country, o’ level  was at E.L .Gatovu  I also spent my Primary school there


I finished my studies in 2013, I have two years of experience in teaching p6 since 2014-2016 at Rutoyi primary school/ Busogo Sector/Musanze Distric. I got special training of Methodology  given by Fabienne  of  U.K , FAST and other trainings then, I was used to teach all subjects  taught in Primary school  as the trained teacher  who can respect the given knowledge.


This job of being  Patron in Rubavu Technical College (RTC), it started since 2017 till when it will be necessary to leave it but I like to be socially with students.

Briefly, My birth place was Kintobo / Nyabihu /W. Province /Rwanda  But now my family lives in Busogo sector  /Musanze District/N.Province/Rwanda country.


I would like to anticipate my future by  improving my gained knowledge through studying  Education.